The Reasons Against Same-Sex Marriage (and for Traditional Marriage)

CHEAP%20WEDDING%20RINGS_crop[This blog was originally part of my Facebook Notes when California’s Proposition 8 (the state constituional amendment affirming marriage as between a man and a woman) was being debated. I’ve updated it since then]

Why don’t you just let gays live in peace? They’re not bothering you. What’s done in the privacy of their own home isn’t any of your business.

That’s the essence of an argument I heard last night on TV. And although I’ve heard the argument before, I thought to myself, “How would I respond to that? After all, it’s not as if gays are pounding on my door personally demanding of me they have their rights.”

And this is only one of several arguments seeking to justify gay marriage. Because I’m slow on the uptake, I’ve realized that this issue will not go away, therefore I figured that it’d be important to better understand the reasons why gay marriage is not good for society.

And here is where I need to stop and make my disclaimer–

While I do not agree with the homosexual lifestyle, I also understand that gays have the right to freely live as they choose under the Constitution. They’re not second class citizens; they’re not horrible monsters. I know some (many?) will read this and automatically see me as a bigoted, backwards, religious homophobe wanting to squash the rights of others and impose my imbecilic religion on them.

None of that is true.

For those of you who disagree with my position, I hope that you’ll at least read the information below; whether it gives you pause to think about the opposing perspective for at least a little bit, that’s up to you. Hopefully, this can begin honest and respectful dialogue.

For those of you who agree with my position, I hope this information will provide good solid reasons why remaining firm on our government affirming only the traditional institution of marriage is beneficial for our society. We can’t just spew Bible verses; we need to intelligently and respectfully engage our friends and neighbors with sound answers.

Below are links to websites that provide clear and cogent answers to the same-sex marriage debate:

  1. The Redefinition of Marriage: An Exercise in Moral and Cultural Suicide
    This is the foundation of the reason why gay marriage ought not be sanctioned by the state. Aside from all the evidence and reasons provided by the articles below, they all ultimately stem from the understanding of “right and wrong” founded on Judeo-Christian principles. But Judeo-Christian values aren’t simply wild, ecstatic, religious utterances that have no basis in reality. If there is a God, and if He made everything (including reason), then certainly reason ought to support what God has allowed and what He has prohibited.
    For those of you, however, who don’t like God, I encourage you to examine the links below.
  2. Top Ten Gay Marriage False Facts Part 1
    Top Ten Gay Marriage False Facts Part 2
    Judge Walker’s Prop 8 ruling was based on 80 “findings of fact” used as evidence to overrule Prop 8.  Frank Turek addresses the top 10 findings
  3. Gay Marriage Myths and Truth
    While Frank Turek addresses the ruling itself, Michael Medved looks at the more “popular” arguments for gay marriage and explains the fallacies of each.
  4. Judge Walker’s Clinic in the Power of Words to Deceive
  5. Marriage and the Constitution
    Do gays have the right to marry? Are they demanding a new right? Or are these the wrong questions being asked? Ken Blackwell and David Limbaugh assert that the first two questions are not the point of the gay marriage controversy and then they address the real question.
  6. How Does Gay Marriage Affect Me? and How Does Homosexual Marriage Affect Me Personally?
    I was asked this question recently and I believe the above sites offer a brief, but compelling argument demonstrating how gay marriage can have a negative impact on society.
  7. Engaging the Same-Sex Marriage Debate
    Here is a video presentation given by Greg Koukl that gives information on this subject from both a biblical and a cultural/secular perspective. You won’t see any Bible thumping or sweaty preachers here — just good information regarding the same-sex marriage debate.
  8. False Equation: Opposing Same-Sex Marriage and Opposing Interracial Marriage
    Is opposing same-sex marriage the same as opposing interracial marriage? Not at all. Here’s why.

Again, to those of you who are like-minded, take heart: there are good reasons to stand for traditional marriage. To my friends on the other side of the issue, I encourage you to read an article or two and please let me know why these arguments (or an argument in particular) is invalid.

And one last point (it will be even more politically incorrect, so please avert your eyes if you must): Homosexuality, according to the Bible, is a sin; as is pre-marital sex, adultery, beastiality, incest, rape, orgies, and all other sexual relationships outside of the biblical context of marriage. Yet the same Bible also says that an authentic (not religious) restored relationship with the Almighty God is possible through simple, committed faith in His Son, Jesus. That sounds bigoted. That sounds intolerant. That sounds homophobic. Well, I’d agree with you if there was evidence within the scriptures supporting the bigoted/intolerant/homophobic positions.

You see, I really do believe there is a God as He’s revealed Himself through the Bible. Because of that, all of us (His creation) are obligated to follow His design for our lives. Of course, if “God” is simply a figment of my hopeful, but misguided, imagination, or if He is grossly misrepresented in the Bible, then I need to be corrected.

But if I’m right…


3 thoughts on “The Reasons Against Same-Sex Marriage (and for Traditional Marriage)

  1. I did go check out Koukl the other night sadly I fell asleep while watching. Not because he was boring I was just exhausted. It was good stuff I intend on checking him out again while staying awake. Thanks for posting the link.

    But I currently have to study for a challenge I some how got myself into. So I have to put that on hold for now.

    You might like a blogger beready315 he does all apologetic stuff on his blog site. I really enjoy reading his stuff. It may be right up your alley or not….

    • I completely understand. Sleep tends to be a priority when you don’t have any.

      I hope you are well prepared for your upcoming challenge. May I ask what it is?

      And thanks for pointing me to beready315. I’ll check out his site.

      All the best, my friend. Blessings.

  2. Sorry for the delay in response.
    I had a very fun conversation with 2 Mormon missionaries.

    They believe you work your way to heaven and after you have done all you can do then Jesus pays the rest of the debt.

    I explained that if I owed a million dollar fine and came to the judge and said all I have is 2 pennies I cant pay any more it wouldn’t be good enough.
    Missionaries said “Oh no the judge would totally get it and let me off.”

    I laughed at them and said “Come on now if we went down the road to my local county court house I would be laughed at and thrown in prison.My 2 pennies don’t even begin to cover the fine. ”

    They did end up having to agree when I put things in a different perspective. But strangely still held that our beliefs were the same.

    As you can follow by just revealing a small amount of our conversation content how well it was going. Their was no fighting or raised tones we were friendly and laughing and at times very serious but courteous.

    Any way they always challenge people to seek the truth(which is lies from the book of Morman)
    I asked them why they always go around door to door challenging others but never take up any challenges back? Intrigued they asked what challenge and before I knew what I got into, I put out a challenge using the word of God (Bible)as ultimate authority.

    I told them they had a different Jesus.
    I spoke with them about many subjects I disagree with their doctrines as they clearly conflict with the Bible. So we wrote out a list of topics to research and when they come back if they do….
    We will discuss our challenge questions.
    #1 the differences in Jesus of the Mormon church and Jesus of the Bible.
    #2 research what the Bible says about those trying to become like God or becoming Gods( Mormons think they can become Gods)
    #3 differences on what is taught about hell
    #4 life after death

    We will need to show scripture to back up the validity of why what one is saying is true. as I attested I will only submit to the Bible being the ultimate authority of God. I also piped in we will need to look at the context as even Satan tried to tempt Jesus in the wilderness twisting scripture.

    So I made a challenge to them refusing to take theirs they had posed at me. Now I need to do some homework and be well versed. We shook on it after a 40 min conversation outside in the cold.So I find myself needing to be a person of my word. If I represent the LORD I better be wise and studied for what I just willingly walked into and began….
    Oh what did I say with out thinking through it? The conversation flowed so smoothly somehow right into me posing a challenge ending with a firm handshake.

    Maybe I should post this on my blog? ponder ponder……

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